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Each of the groups at Happy Valley sponsors a dog in aid of Dog’s Trust. Keep up to date with what your child’s sponsored dog is doing on this page!


Yellow Group


Despite my macho looks I suffer from lots of allergies which makes me very sensitive. But it doesn’t really bother me, I’m a happy hound and love it here. 

Lazloe's Profile

Breed: Doberman Cross Height: Tall!
Distinguishing Features: I have one toe missing!
I Like: Food and blankets
Date of birth: 01/09/1998 Gender: Male
Weight: 5st 5lbs Age: 8

What Lazloe has said this week


Hello from Lazloe!

I think that autumn is here. I really don’t mind it, as long at doesn’t rain! The one good thing about autumn is I get an extra hour in bed snuggling under my blanket in my lovely kennel!

I have been for a few good walks lately with my favourite carer Nikky. I really enjoying going to the beach. The waves always seem to be bigger at this time of year. Although I much prefer to gaze out to sea rather than go in myself!

That’s all my news for now!

Love and licks



Lazloe’s Picture gallery

Picture of Lazloe looking stern Picture of Lazloe looking thoughtfulPicture of Lazloe on the grassPicture of Lazloe Smiling


Blue Group


Hi I'm Smudge, I missed out on puppy training when I was young so it's great to be at Dogs Trust while they help me catch up! Luckily I really enjoy my training and I'm doing really well - especially when I get food as a reward!

Smudge's Profile

Breed: Collie Cross Height: Average
Distinguishing Features: My intelligent eyes!
I Like: Playing and learning
Date of birth: 18/05/2005 Gender: Male
Weight: I'm still growing! Age: 1

What Smudge has said this week

Hi there,

My carers have been really pleased with me because I'm responding so well to my training. I'm still finding it a bit difficult not to be mischievous, but I'm certainly trying hard, and it's lovely to have such nice carers working with me.

I'm settling really well into my role as sponsor dog, and I've even started working with some new trainers - which is great because I'd previously only worked with a quite exclusive group. All in all I think I'm coming along very well.

It's really great to represent a rehoming centre as nice as Dogs Trust Glasgow. It makes me very proud when one of the dogs here goes off to a new home. It shows what great work the carers here do, and one of these days it might be me who goes on to a new home!

I hope you're set to enjoy a lovely summer. With the great facilities here at Dogs Trust, I know that I certainly will!

With lots of love and a cheeky wagging tail

Smudge xxx

Smudge’s Picture gallery


Picture of Smudge's PortraitPicture of Smudge From Above!


Red Group


Hi, I’m Harry the Terrier cross. I'm a born digger and particularly like it when the ground's really muddy. My carers are none to keen on all my digging though as I get very dirty - but then I just love being groomed so it's a win-win situation for me! I live in Dogs Trust Kenilworth, with Frank, one of the other sponsor dogs, we have quite a bachelor pad, we even have our own paddling pool!

Harry's Profile

Breed: Terrier cross Height: 15 inches
Distinguishing Features: Speckled legs
I Like: digging, paddling and being groomed
Date of birth: 01/10/1998 Gender: Male
Weight: 2st 5lbs Age: 7

What Harry has said this week


Hi, Harry here!

I've been having a great time playing in the mud from the rain we've had over the past few weeks. It's so much fun to roll around and play, and I wonder how my carers can resist the urge to jump in the mud too!

Now autumn is well and truly here so a lot of the puddles are covered with a layer of fallen leaves. It makes the puddles fun to jump in because the leaves stick to my coat like snakeskin!

With so fun to be had, every day is a highlight. The sun goes down earlier each day but I pack in as much play as I can. I don't have to have less fun on short day, I just have to be more focussed!

I hope you're having lots of fun this season too! Have a terrific autumn!

Lots of love and a wagging tail,

Harry xx

Harry’s picture Gallery

Picture of Harry after the Mud Picture of Harry on the PathPicture of Harry Wants a TreatPicture of Harry in Repose


Green Group

Peter Pan

Hi, Peter Pan here!

I’ve been having lots of fun in the centre while the rain falls outside. Being a smallish dog I’m not as keen on puddles and mud as some of my doggy friends are. But I certainly don’t let the rain stop me from enjoying my squeaky toys! Sometimes I while away the rainy days with chew stick - and there’s really nothing better!

like to go for walks when the weather clears up, and it’s great to have such nice carers to take me! We play lots of games and explore all the smells before the rain washes them away.
Because I can be quite a nervous dog I can sometimes be too afraid to go for walks with people I don't know. Luckily I can also keep myself entertained and I've been having a great time lately, playing with toys and then going out for great big walks with my carers. With the days getting longer they're all keen to go outdoors for an exploration, and I'll tag along with them whenever I get the opportunity!

It's great here at Dogs Trust Darlington because we've got fantastic facilities for a dog like me. I'm quite an inquisitive dog so it's nice to have people coming and going - I don't always show myself, but I always like to watch!

With lots of love and a wagging tail

Peter Pan xxx


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